Working on a new home

I’ve only just started out, but I really love blogging and want to keep doing it for years and years. I certainly hope you liked my previous posts.
But with my serious commitment to my blog, comes the need for a good home. A webpage that’s my own with all the options of my own webpage. And thus, im working on my own domain, making a pretty layout, adding nice graphics, some good sharing options and as soon as I’m done doing that, I’ll get back to posting nice round-ups and hopefully some more in-depth articles.

I hope you can have a little patience with me. I cant give you an exact date as to when I’ll be done (mainly out of concern for disappointing) but within a week or two I hope ill be done!

Lots of love,

Valentines Beauty


Happy Valentinesday!!
I really love Valentinesday, just all the pink, hearts and glitter get me excited. So naturally, there must be some dressing up, and what better way to show of your enthusiasm then with pretty Valentine Nails!
Thus I made a little round-up of some beautiful valentine nail examples. Not all of them have tutorials, but I’m sure you’ll manage. You’re creative enough after all 😉


Red, glitter, hearts.. I love this! Including a lovely tutorial By Being Genevieve


Little stacked hearts by Jenna Beth


For the girl who wants to avoid pink By Manicurator


Colourful dotted heart by Majik Beenz


A little heart tutorial by


Natural, but with a little heart. Done by MixedMama

I think I’ll be doing the glitter nails by Being Genevieve today. Wish me luck!


Valentine Envelopes – Free Printables


Valentinesday is fast approaching and with only so many hours to go, its time for some quick and pretty gifts. You can never go wrong with a card, or even better a handwritten love letter.
Gifts that come in pretty packages always make one a bit more excited and finding a pretty envelope on your doorstep will surely make any heart beat a little faster with excitement.
So here you go; a quick round-up of Free printable valentine envelopes made by some really talented designers.

Vintage envelopes by Ella Claire
Find them here

Envelopes that can double as card by Camille Styles
Find them here

Lovely clean design envelope By Design Eat Repeat
Find them here

Dreamy envelopes by Emily Burnette
Find them here

A few other note-able envelope links
* Sweet teabag envelopes by My Own Labels

* Pretty pattern envelope by Vert Cerise

* Chevron envelopes by Whisker Graphics

* There remind me of candy hearts envelopes by The Dating Divas

* Cute animal envelopes by Momdot

Which will you be making?


Interesting thought

Am I Dead?

Seeing as I have just started a blog, I found this a really interesting article.

Is blogging dead? or dieing?

Personally I’ve started this blog because I kept on doing projects, rounding up cute stuff and only using one of those things. But I’m sure there are more people like me who are looking for the same things around the same time (or maybe even in the future, but there is an archive after all) And because we’re all so busy, why not have one of us do all the work and share? Leaves more time for you to have a cookie (or two, or three) and hopefully we’ll all be a little happier in the end.

It just amazes me how creative people are. What amazing things we all make. Those things need to be shared! And even is no one ever ends up reading this, that’s fine. At least there will have been one person on the web who really appreciated the work of others.